American Incorporators Ltd. Launches Enhanced Web Experience

Posted by Cory Josephs on Mar 19, 2015 12:31:41 PM

Redesigned Website Provides Comprehensive Resources for New_Site_ScreenshotCompanies Seeking to Incorporate

Wilmington, DE (PRWEB) March 17, 2015

American Incorporators Ltd., a firm that has been helping businesses form sustainable corporations and limited liability companies for over 35 years, announced the launch of a restructured and redesigned website at with the goal of providing its current and prospective customers quick and easy access to critical resources and services.

“We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly and helpful experience for the businesses that come to us for formation and the many services we provide. We’re excited that the new American Incorporators website reflects that,” said Ann Chilton, Chief Executive Officer. “Our goal is to not only help businesses get up and running as credible corporations, but to work with them from inception and as they continue to grow and change over time.”

Visitors to the new site have access to valuable up-to-date information on starting and maintaining a business. The support services and pricing American Incorporators offers are described in detail on the updated site and available for purchase online. Additionally, the site prominently displays the many service options available to customers and new visitors, including live chat, robust FAQs and access to social media channels. Other key features include:...

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What is a C Corporation

Posted by Cory Josephs on Aug 14, 2014 11:43:00 AM

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What is a C Corporation?

A C Corp is legal structure that businesses establish that is a separate entity from the owners and the people that manage it. Corporations are owned by their shareholders, and provide owners limited liability. C Corporations are the most widely type of entity for businesses large and small that have shareholders. 

What's the difference between a C Corp and an S Corp?

All corporations both S and C are started as a C Corp. Once the C corp is formed the business has 75 days to to elect to become an S Corporation.  This election is done with the IRS. More information abour S Corporations can be found Here.

Some things to know if you're thinking about starting a C Corporation

  1. C Corporations may have an unlimited amount of shareholders
  2. Owners do not need to be citizens or residents of the United States
  3. C Corporations shares may be owned by another business
  4. C Corporations are required to have bylaws, hold annual meetings and keep accurate record of the meeting minutes. 
  5. Corporations can raise capital by through the sale of their stock.
If you want to incorporate your company don't worry, American Incorporators Ltd. provides fast and easy incorporation services for you so just give us a call at 800.421.2661 or Click Here for more details.
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