Demystifying International Company Formation and Registered Agent Service FAQ’s

Posted by American Ltd on Jun 10, 2024 2:28:01 PM

Q: Do I have to be an American citizen form a US company?

A: No, there is requirement that you be a US citizen to form a company – foreign nationals can form LLCs and C Corporations in all US jurisdictions.

Q: Do I need anything different if I am living abroad for my US company?

A: Maybe. Many individuals living abroad must to retrieve Apostilles to open bank accounts and obtain foreign certification of documents overseas

Q: What about registered agent service?

A: Anyone living abroad and forming a US company will need to appoint a registered agent in the US for receipt of state notices and service of process. No state allows for a foreign registered agent address.

Q: Can a foreign national obtain an EIN for a US company?

A: Yes. However, unless the company has a US mailing address and a responsible party with a Social Security number, the application must be faxed or mailed. As a result, the process often takes longer.

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