Top 3 Reasons to Incorporate Now

Posted by American Ltd on May 6, 2019 1:52:00 PM

How Will Incorporating Benefit You?

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There are many benefits to incorporating. In order to determine whether or not incorporating is the best option for you and your business entity we advise that you consult a trusted accountant or attorney for financial and legal advice.  Incorporating can be a big milestone in the life of your business and American Incorporators can help every step of the way!

These are our top three reasons for incorporating:

1) It offers liability protection

By forming an LLC or Corporation you create a barrier between your personal assets and your company assets, should your company every be sued. In this case you can protect your personal assets from being seized.  


2) It lends a sense of legitimacy

Forming a legal business entity also lends a sense of legitimacy to your venture.  This can help attract investors, clients, and vendors.  People tend to have more faith in a company with Inc. or LLC at the end of its name.


3) It allows for longevity

If the initial owner dies, the business entity continues and shares can be passed on to others. Or if the owner wants to sell his or her shares in a company it is much easier to do if a legal entity has been formed. 



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